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Annuities & Retirement Income

Retirement Income Solutions

  • Retirement Income

    Annuity Ace is dedicated to securing the best combination of Safety, Flexibility, and Profitability for your retirement income.

    We believe solid retirement Income planning first requires an assessment of your baseline needs and resources.

    Only then, and only if appropriate, we put in place an allocation of a portion of your assets to secure guaranteed sources of income to cover those needs.

    Plain and simple.

  • Investing

    In accumulation years, investors are bombarded with high yield offers, funds, and opportunities. They take chances in exchange for growth.

    However, generating retirement income is an equally crucial component of financial planning that is sorely overlooked by the vast majority of investment professionals.

    Too often, there is a focus on yield, and risk is not truly understood or contained.


  • Investment Options

    Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, REITS, ETF’s, ‘Target Date Funds’, Gold and Silver, Commodities, Commercial Real Estate …

    These all share the same fundamental characteristic of ‘At Risk Investments’

    These are investments where you face the prospect of loss.  Many are quite safe… But they do decline, sometimes precipitiously.

    Are you building your retirement future on a shifting foundation?

  • Allocation Models


    The Rule of 100…

    100 minus your age should equal your ‘at risk’ investment allocation…..

    The 4% Rule…

    Spend no more than 4% of your assets in a year and you it will last through retirement….

    Run With The Herd….

    Laugh if you want, but this is the allocation model of the vast majority of investors, AND their advisors!

    These models of allocation and decumulation force you to come to terms with the probability of outliving your money.  Is that a risk you want to take?

  • The Problem With Probabilities

    Most models of portfolio allocation call for investors to allocate a percentage of their money to stocks or bonds, and then target a withdrawal rate in retirement.

    Running multiple scenarios based on historical data will generate a probability of failure that the investor comes to terms with.

    Failure equals the risk of the investor outliving assets.

    Well, the events of 2008-2009 stressed those models past breaking.  Few considered the ‘Black Swan’ scenario of  losing 30-40% of their net worth, especially in the critical early years of retirement.  Many now regret those unwise risks and may have to work extra years to compensate.

    We view any probability of failure as unacceptable.

  • Solutions

    Annuity Ace is dedicated to securing guaranteed income for your retirement. Here’s how we work:

    1) We view any probability of failure that can be avoided as unacceptable- Guaranteed means just that.

    2) We help you identify the income you need, and uncover the tolerances you are comfortable with to generate that income.

    3) We work with you to put in place guaranteed income to cover baseline  needs first, so you can optimize your remainder assets.

    4) We sell annuities and other guaranteed income products to cover your guaranteed needs in retirement.


    With all clients, we seek the best combination of Safety, Flexibility, and Profitability, and Longevity in any plan.  Each individual has different priorities, needs, and circumstances, and no one-size fits all.

Ocean Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of news on annuities and competing opinions on investments?  Are you struggling to chart your own course in this sea of talking heads?

For a generation steeped in immediate news, rapid fire decisions, and fancy asset allocation strategies, a truth that is simple can be hard to hear over all this noise.  Here it is:

Transferring Risk To An Insurance Carrier Is The Most Efficient Way To Absolutely, Positively Guarantee That You Can Never Run Out Of Income.

Insurance And Risk Reduction

Use Insurance To Manage Risks

What does that mean?

An annuity is nothing more than the purchase of  an income stream with a portion of your principal.  Purchasing an annuity contract  gives  income and it is guaranteed by the counterparty- ideally, a very strong Insurance Company.

There are many ways to accomplish this goal, and many tools to be considered, but essentially, we at Annuity Ace believe that the most responsible and intelligent retirement financial plan starts with a foundation of solid, quality assets that produce retirement income.

How Annuities Work

By buying a guaranteed lifetime income stream to cover your core expenses, you buy longevity insurance.  Your dollars join a pool of assets and other lifespans, and you align your future – if you follow our advice- with a strong company with excellent credit.  In turn, you receive income payments.

Joining forces with an insurer guarantees that your position is much stronger and has much lower risk than going it alone.  Quite simply, it is impossible for any individual’s asset allocation distribution strategy to have as low a risk and as high a yield as an annuitization strategy.

Why Buy Annuities?

Don’t just read it here- study for yourself! See our Annuity Research page for links to comprehensive journals and studies that demonstrate how these powerful tools can be used.

In your discovery process, you will want to learn about the different kinds of annuities.  Each has its place and serves a purpose.  Use the FAQ guide and links above to start your search.

While stable long term income is appropriate for nearly everyone at a certain age, it may not be appropriate for you, or for you yet.  Don’t let sales pitches and advisors push you.  Get the facts, make an informed decision, and then proceed with confidence.

How AnnuityAce Can Help

We help investors nationwide find the guaranteed income they need to form the core of a safe, long retirement.  We don’t “Sell” annuities… Rather, our informed clients find the service we offer and analysis we provide to be invaluable, and chose to make their guarantee income purchase through us.

You will find no high pressure sales here, but we are able to help people nationwide.  We are licensed in many states and have relationships with the best annuity issuers in the nation.

The purpose of this site is to open you to the world of annuities- become familiar with some of the terms and contract types, and ask us any questions you have.  This site will help you understand the baseline income needs you are solving for, and guide you in your process of putting enough guaranteed income in place, in the most efficient way possible.

We work with investors around the country securing guaranteed income for retirement with the right annuities. When you are ready to secure your retirement, and want expert assistance and analysis, please Contact Us to put your plans in place.

“For all time periods and for all portfolios, the addition of the annuity leads to a decline in the portfolio failure rates.”

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