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Retirement Income The Right Way
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The process of buying an annuity is as much about finding someone you can trust as it is about finding the right product.  This page is an extension of the important ‘About Us’ page, and illustrates  our approach at AnnuityAce.

The point is not  to tell you what we know- it’s to tell you how we think.  If  your views and ours align, then we should definitely work together.

Definitions and Ground Rules:

  1. Investment = Risk & Reward
  2. Wealth Accumulation =  Diligent Savings & Investment
  3. Wealth Decumulation = Steady and Reliable Income
  4. Retirement Happiness = Safety & Security of Income
  5. Safe Retirement Income Investments = Low to No Risk
  6. Safety= Transfer Risk To Another Party
  7. Risk Transfer = Insurance
  8. Insurance = Guaranteed Benefits In Exchange For Premiums
  9. Annuities= Income Insurance

Conclusion: A Happy Retirement = Guaranteed Safe Income = Insurance = Annuities

Now That This Is Established…

Within the realm of Guaranteed, Safe Retirement Income, we must analyze a vast array of products and strategies to find what is right for you.  How?

1)      First Determine Your Financial Needs

  1. First, Identify base living expenses-
  2. We will match guaranteed Expenses with Guaranteed income.

2)      Then, determine Preferences for:

  1. Safety
  2. Profitability
  3. Flexibility
  4. Longevity

3)      Once your Needs and Preferences are determined, we select a strategy and products that match you age, needs, and preferences.

We work with guarantees.  A guaranteed floor that produces income now or income later is the key to retirement security.

We create optimal retirement income plans that produce this financial freedom and security, and our plans are guaranteed to work even when the markets tank.  But there is no silver bullet.  There is no one-size fits all financial product that is right for everyone.

We can help to find what’s right for you, and balance your needs for safety, flexibility, profitability, and longevity to craft your optimal plan.


On Guaranteed Income…

In retirement, anticipated guaranteed expenses – your Cost of Living — should be met with guaranteed sources of income.  This is your base foundation for happiness, and can be put in place well before you plan to retire.  Additional income, expenses, and investments should be tackled after the foundation is secure.

 Guaranteed sources of income for this foundation come with differing qualities degrees of Safety, Flexibility, Profitability, and Longevity.  These are 4 key preferences we need to discuss for appropriate Retirement Income Planning.

Your needs, preferences,  assets, and risk tolerance are unique to you. The process we go through therefore focuses on you first and foremost.  Together we devise an optimal strategy that addresses your goals, well before discussing any specific products.

Our pledge is to devise a guaranteed income strategy that is appropriate to your unique circumstances and priorities, and that satisfies your retirement income needs.


On Companies and Products:

We believe it is unethical to promote a single product or strategy and stretch its qualities to fit every situation.

There is no strategy or product that is “right” for everyone.  Advisors who present all their clients with the same product are just salespeople.  And mainstream media who routinely attack many forms of guaranteed income – like annuities- are also narrow-minded and naïve.

That said, there certainly are products to be avoided, strategies that do not to work, and pitfalls to watch out for.  Educating yourself and using an expert advisor is critical.

When we make recommendations, we do so knowing that you are rightfully questioning and verifying all that we say.  We’ll look at your situation before making a recommendation, and it will be based on the facts and circumstances specific to you.  With our approach fully disclosed above, our recommendations will utilize the best tools available today to reach your goals.

Furthermore, we expect you to do your own research to verify what you learn or are advised, by us or anyone else.

Trust, But Verify, is timeless  advice.


On Diversification:

Once the foundation is built, using tools that match your priorities and values, any remaining assets should be safely positioned based on your risk tolerance to deal with what the future may bring.  This may be additional guaranteed sources of income, or it may be a more traditional asset management strategy in equities and bonds.  It is never appropriate to plow everything into any single carrier or any single strategy.


Our Strategy:

Our promise and our premise is laid out above.  How we get to the solution for your situation depends on you. Frankly, it’d be a lot easier to channel all conversations to a predetermined  desired conclusion, but that  is not the right way to go.

 Before it’s appropriate to discuss any specific products, we need to explore your goals, priorities, needs, and desires.  If you’d like to start now, Click Here To Start The Process

“For all time periods and for all portfolios, the addition of the annuity leads to a decline in the portfolio failure rates.”

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